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Wrestling Talk / Discussion
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Discuss the weekly shows and monthly ppv's of the wrestling world

This is a place to discuss the weekly tv shows and monthly ppvs of the wrestling world. From WWE (Raw, Smackdown, ECW, Superstars) to TNA (Impact), to possibly indie and other promotions.

Their will be a discussion thread for the preview and after the shows/ppvs have aired to have you say of what you want to see, and what did happen on each broadcast.


1) First and foremost, do not try and bash any superstars/divas in your comments. Make critical comments if need be, but dont just say things like 'shes a whore' etc.
2) Spoilers must be put behind a cut if you post and the show has not aired, but has been recoreded already (ie. smackdown). Also state in your post - Warning: Contains Spoilers!
3) No flaming or arguing with other members. Respect other peoples opinions, we dont all like the same wrestlers as that would be boring.
4) When posting pictures, then please use LJ-Cut.
5) There is no hotlinking allowed, save the pics to your own computer and use your own photo sharing accounts to use elsewhere.