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Raw 24th August 2009 Discussion
goodieuk wrote in wrestling_talk
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Tonight Raw's guest host is Floyd 'Money' Mayweather but what will he have in store for the Superstars and Divas?
What or who's next for WWE Champion Randy Orton? Will Cena get his rematch?
Who's next for Unified Tag Team Champions Jericho & Big Show?
Will DX make their presence known on the show, and what of Legacy's future after their defeat?
Will Swagger have revenge against MVP for his loss at Summerslam?
And whats in store for the Divas tonight?

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Not a good Raw IMO. Last week was better. We had only two good matches and that was the MVP/Henry vs. Jericho/Show match and the Six Man No DQ Match. Except from them it was a boring night. I loved DX's antics, I hope they keep Shawn & Triple H as DX because if they do then HHH won't be any near the WWE Title Picture.

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