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WWE Summerslam 2009 Discussion
goodieuk wrote in wrestling_talk
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Feel free to discuss the ppv as it goes down, or post results or your thoughts after the event has finished. Is on 1-4am here so I'll post mine on Monday :) Enjoy the ppv if your ordering it.

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WWE Championship:
Randy Orton (c) def. John Cena

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WWE World Heavyweight Championship:
CM Punk def. Jeff Hardy (c)

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D-Generation X def. Legacy

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WWE Intercontinental Championship:
Rey Mysterio (c) vs Dolph Ziggler

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WWE Unified Tag Team Championship:
Chris Jericho & The Big Show (c) def. Cryme Tyme

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ECW World Championship:
Christian (c) def. William Regal

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Kane def. The Great Khali w/ Runjin Singh

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MVP def. Dolph Ziggler

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Well overall I thought the ppv was good, not greatest but a good show.

Mysterio vs Ziggler was a great exciting opener to kick the ppv off. I did think Ziggler was gonna steal it but Mysterio kept the title, although I think was a bit of a weak ending for the pinfall.

MVP defeated Swagger, something I didn't expect. To be honest I wasn't really watching this match much, it was ok but nothing I could get excited over.

The Tag Team match was ok, happy Jericho and Show held the titles although im sure many would disagree. For me though I think the 'Unified Tag Titles' should be held by someone high up in the company. If it was just raw or sd tag titles on their own then I could have seen CT win them.

The CM Punk interview I loved, he came across well I thought and I loved the Jeff Hardy film script they mentioned lol.

Kane defeated Khali, thankfully. Now I hope Kane can move on to someone better standards than Khali as I think he deserves better.

The DX vs Legacy match, like wow. I think if you add in the entrances this last like 30mins tops which I wasn't happy with. The match was good, but I do feel that legacy really needed to go over this time to push this feud more if their running with it. I didnt like DX's entrance either, rather silly I thought but thats my opinion.

Christian vs Regal, like... WTF!!!!! 5 seconds of a match because DX get to have 30mins for themselves to get over. Im so seriously pissed off at this. I was looking forward to a good hard fought match between Christian and Regal and get this crap. I wonder if Christian is wondering now why he came back?

I did like the Orton vs Cena match for the title. Im happy Orton retained though, and the get out clauses Lillian kept stating so Orton couldn't escape with the title easily was good. When I saw the fan jumping in the ring though I kind of guessed it wasn't a real fan, I mean why would someone go after a referee of all the people unless to stop him seeing Orton tap? And it annoys me that wwe are double standards saying fans shouldnt jump the barrier and into the ring and then they do a storyline like this and promote it. I think the facial expressions on Cena and Orton sold the fan attack though a lot, and did have me guessing a little as if was real attack.

The Hardy vs Punk match was a great main event finale. Both men went at it full out and some great high moments in the match kept me excited throughout. Sadly, I guess this is goodbye to Hardy now since he lost and Punk won.

Great to see Taker's return, and I loved how everyone was looking for Taker when the lights came back on and he was placed where Hardy was on the mat LOL. Should be exciting to see how Taker vs Punk now plays out.

The Ziggler/Mysterio match was great. Both men put a lot in it. Mysterio has really been helping Ziggler be a great star and I see Ziggler being IC Champ in the future. If he can continue to wrestle like he has been doing I see it happening one day. Mysterio has continued to make the IC Title very high up.

The MVP/Swagger Match was okay but nothing special. I was surprised that MVP won because I thought they would push Swagger to win. Glad that MVP won because I think he is the better talent

The Tag Titles was okay when it was Cryme Tyme & Jericho but Show was just terrible. Show has really lost his momentum since joining with Jericho. I think they should drop the titles ASAP because they are not a very good team. I wish Cryme Tyme had won it because they have earned it and I thought they did great tonight. If they don't get a tag title reign, then I will vbe very annoyed.

Kane/Khali was like JR said 'Bowling Shoe Ugly' This match was horrible. Why a great talent like Kane has to work with a terrible wrestler like Khali is beyond me. Khali should have been and gone by now. It is annoying how he still in the WWE. Glad that Kane won and I hope we don't see this match ever again.

DX vs. Legacy was great. One of the best tag team matches I have seen in years. They really did great. This match really made Cody & Ted look good and I feel this match has made them an evern greater tag team. It's sad to say that Ted & Cody might not be teaming much soon because of Ted promoting his movie and the rumours of him turning face. I think this match was great and it was great to see Shawn in the ring. I forgot how much I missed him and it's great to see him back> Triple H was good as always. I hope he stays with Shawn as DX for a while so he keeps away from the WWE Title Picture.

I am so pissed with what happaned with the ECW Title Match. The Kane/Khali match got the amount of boring minutes while Christian & Regal got 10 seconds. It seems to be a trait, just like last year we didn't get much of a ECW Championship match. Is this a sign of what Vince thinks of the ECW Title that he won't allow a decent title match on it's second biggest pay per view.

The WWE Championship was good and I loved how Orton was trying to lose the match but keep the title. It made him seem more of a coward knowing he can't beat Cena. No matter if people hate him, Cena is one fo the best and this match just proves it. The whole fan thing was just stupid as people could tell it was a fake because attacked the ref. If it was a real fan he would have attacked Cena. That would have made it more beliavle. Cena & Orton's looks thought were very beliavble.

The WHC match was in one word Fantastic. A great match between Punk & Hardy. These two tore the house down and made this match so great. I loved the swanton from the top of the ladder, it reminds me of the first time he did it which was a great moment. Especially as this was Hardy's last PPV Match. I liked Punk winning as I think he has proven that he is a great heel.

I hated the fact that Taker ruined Punk's moment. He just won a TLC match against Hardy and then Taker hogs the spotlight be reappearing. Why not have him some back on SD and demand a title shot.

But overall a good Pay Per View with a load of good matches and some bad ones. I enjoyed the PPV and I am looking forward to Breaking Point.

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