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WWE Summerslam 2009 Preview Discussion
goodieuk wrote in wrestling_talk
Live Sunday 23rd August 2009:

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WWE Championship:
Randy Orton (c) vs John Cena

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WWE World Heavyweight Championship:
Jeff Hardy (c) vs CM Punk

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D-Generation X vs Legacy

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WWE Intercontinental Championship:
Rey Mysterio (c) vs Dolph Ziggler

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WWE Unified Tag Team Championship:
Cryme Tyme vs Chris Jericho & The Big Show (c)

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ECW World Championship:
Christian (c) vs William Regal

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The Great Khali w/ Runjin Singh vs Kane

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Dolph Ziggler vs MVP

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I think the Orton and Cena match has been done so many times now we need someone else to step up imo. But, Id still like to see Randy Orton retain the title for now.

I think we have idea this may be Jeff's last match if rumours are saying hes leaving? If so Punk will take the title and personally I think he makes a good champion. It would be interesting though to see if Undertaker appears at the end?

DX vs Legacy I'm not really bothered much about, I know DX is gonna win this and in some style I reckon just to prove again how great they are. It would be a shock if Legacy could pull off a win though.

I have a funny feeling that Dolph Ziggler may do a hit and run here winning the Intercontinental Championship from Rey? Its in Hollywood I believe which is Dolphs back yard so I could see him stealing one here.

I don't see Jericho & Show losing the titles in their match. Ok, cryme tyme are enjoyable and all that, but I stil don't see them as Tag Team champions.

I see Christian retaining his ecw title against Regal, and I wouldnt be surprised if we see Kozlov and Ezekiel appear, maybe a dq victory for the Peep? Although id love to see Regal win it, hes a brit after all :)

I dont know why we are having Kane vs Khali on the ppv when we should have been having a good divas or womens title match in some way? Im rooting for Kane here though, he needs to set his sights higher though like the champion for me than just Khali.

Swagger vs MVP. Well I think Swagger may just steal this victory somehow from MVP. For some reason MVP hasn't been doing great lately in wwe and Swagger is getting a good push by the backroom staff and I see him going on and maybe going after Kofi for the US title soon.

Ok, so why no divas action on the show? Ive got a feeling they're gonna do some silly volleyball or whatever they did before kind of segment on the show in some way. How can you have a ppv without any divas on it?

Id love to see Undertaker return on the ppv also, and would set up a Taker vs Punk run.

I think the best match of the night will be Hardy vs Punk, if this is Hardys last night I can see him going all out to entertain the fans. Im not looking forward to Kane vs Khali (although i love Kane) or DX vs Legacy (as im bored of DX already).

Ziggler is from Hollywood, Florida actually. The best matches will be MVP/Swagger, Rey/Ziggler and Christian/Regal for sure.

Cena vs. Orton should be a good match. If you look at their previous encounters against each other they have great chemestry with each other. I know people are a bit mad that Cena is in the match but it's better then seeing Triple H/Orton which we've seen a thousand times. Cena & Orton have only faced one on one three times to the best of my memory. I predict Orton to retain as I see Orton once again facing Triple H after he deals with Legacy.

The World Championship TLC match is the Main Event IMO. It;s the feud of SD. This rivlary has elevated both men and has made them bigger stars. Jeff not so much because he was already a big star but Punk has gained a lot out of it because he is really hated by the fans while keeping to his strait-edge character. Due to this being Jeff's final PPV, I see Punk winning the match. I foresee either Punk beats him fair and square or Matt turns heel by turning on Jeff.

DX vs. Legacy should be a good match. It's great to see Shawn again. This is a great test for Rhodes & DiBiase as this is the biggest team they have faced. I don't think Legacy will win this match, I predict DX to win the match.

Rey vs. Dolph should be a good match. They had a great encounter back at NOC, I think Rey will retain as it will seem pointless to take the title off him after he just won it back a couple of months ago. Also the fact that Rey wants to have a nice long reign I see Rey retaining the title. But if Ziggler continues wrestling the way he has been he will become the IC Champion in the very near future

I have never liked the Show/Jericho tag team and I still don't like it. Show has really been derailed because of Jericho. He was doing very well in his rivalry with Kofi before NOC but now he just seems to be a wall for Jericho. I think Jericho could really help some of the younger guys on SD and help elevate them. I like Cryme Tyme, they have been a great tag team in WWE and I think they've earned their stripes and I think they should become the Tag Team Champions and rival with Legacy & the Hart6 Dynasty.

The ECW Championship Match should be good. I think Regal & Christian could have a very good match. I watched their last match on WWE Superstars and it was a good match. I see this being a great match and I am looking forward to this match. I see Christian retaining the title as I don't see him losing the title after just getting it back. I am expecting to see Zeke & Kozlov making an apperance one way or another.

Now why is Khali/Kane on the card. This match was awful back at Mania and it will be bad here. I really don't like this match. The build-up has been pretty lame as it all has been Kane comes out and Khali beats him away. Also the whole thing with Singh was just plain stupid. I am hoping Kane wins this and gets as far away from Khali as possible.

I don't see how Swagger is so good that he has been allowed to be put over Evan Bourne. I'm sorry but Evan is a far more better wrestler then Swagger. Now looking at this match I see Swagger winning as MVP has lost a lot of momentum since losing the US Title. I am hoping that MVP wins but I don't see it happening.

D-Generation X vs Legacy
I think this will be a good match , I think DX might win because of their return but wouldn't be shock if Legacy win they have had the upper hand on triple h . I think this will be a good one

Cryme Tyme vs Chris Jericho & The Big Show
I want Cryme Tyme to win because I feel they earn thei shots at the Title and their gimmick is fun but I would like them to have gold now.

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